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Partner with Crypto Chicks as part of your web3 and metaverse strategy

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Our Ethos

We’re passionate about demystifying web3 to bring more women into the space. And we think we’ll get there by helping the brands we know, love, and trust carve out effective metaverse plays.

Capture web3 native audiences and explore innovative technologies - all while building stronger brand affinity with your existing customer base.


Citi estimates for metaverse economy by 2030


WSJ anticipates web3 impact on advertising market


Increase in "metaverse" searches according to McKinsey

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Just like many in the early 2000s thought they would never need a social media presence (leaving it in the hands of their summer interns), brands in the 2020s will need to start setting up metaverse teams that will help them enter the era of Web 3.0.


We work with brands in many ways depending on their strategy, ranging across:

Educational workshops

Social activations

Wearable collaborations

Metaverse engagements