Generative art collection featuring women of diverse backgrounds with a wide selection of colorful, fun attributes.


About Us


The Crypto Chicks 10k collection, launched in September 2021, represents the bold, trendy women of Web3. Our women-led leadership team is dedicated to building a global brand and community that empowers women throughout various Web3 journeys.

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Meet The Team


Elissa Maercklein


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I grew up in the Midwest in the US and have spent the past few years in the Bay Area. I now live in Seattle, Washington. Prior to CC, I built a startup leading our Business Operations and then co-founded a software startup where I led as CEO.​ I’m a dog mom who loves all outdoor activities - hiking, biking, skiing, and swimming (to name a few). You can often find me traveling to explore new areas of the country and world. I’m passionate about bringing more women into tech, crypto, and NFTs 💜


Madi Lieber


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After growing up in Buffalo, NY and moving around the country, I’ve settled in Seattle, WA - and I love it! The most recent phase of my career has been spent at companies like Google and Meta (fka Facebook) leading in the project and program management space. I love organized docs, memorizing random facts, cooking and baking, all water sports, and anything involving animals. Women education and empowerment initiatives have been a central tenet at all phases of my life, and I feel like I've found my true calling leading CC and our future endeavors.

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Head of Growth

Philly has been my hometown for many years now (go Birds). My professional background is in product development, design, and production. I later became a consultant for business development with a focus on implementing scaling strategies specifically for small businesses through tech, customer service and engagement. In other news, Satoshi Nakamoto was my first love. Initially I was drawn to the shared community ethos for a decentralized, nationless currency. Fast forward to 2021 and curiosity brought me to NFTs. I’m here to share ideas, brainstorm elaborate plans, collaborate, and have fun building cool shit. Also, is my dog invited?

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Head of Partnerships

While Chicago born and raised, I’ve globe-trotted to live in many incredible places like Delhi, NYC and Sweden. For some time now, my family and I call the Bay Area home. With a background in media sales and digital marketing, I’ve enjoyed building partnerships and teams within large corporations and small start-ups. Passionate about investing and technology, I love that the possibilities blockchain technology and web3 affords people to become financially free and independent are endless - I’m excited to help create this future for my own little babe and others like her everywhere!

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Head of Marketing

I was born in NYC and grew up in New Jersey, where I currently reside. I have spent my career in marketing and advertising, and have always had outside interests in art and tech. I got into NFTs in late 2021, and once I found Crypto Chicks, I felt instantly connected to the community and their mission of empowering women in web3. I knew I needed to be a part of this project in a larger capacity one day, and I am so happy this has come true. Outside of work and web3, I am passionate about drawing, painting, figure skating, and trying new restaurants.

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Creative Director

I was born, raised and now back again living in the beautiful city of Porto, Portugal. Founded my first impact startup at the age of 24 that took me from being a young architect to a globally recognized change maker in the fields of art, tech and ethics. Over the past few years, my enthusiasm has been directed towards the decentralized world of crypto and blockchain and so, you can easily find me mentoring, celebrating and supporting the women who are building the Web3 scene on their own terms. I am on a lifelong learning journey of self-consciousness, astrology related topics and committed to being happier, fulfilled and making the world a better place everyday.

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Affiliate Advisor

A true California girl, I’ve spent the majority of my life thus far in the sunshine state, and the past decade working in PR and influencer relations. I’ve since joined a Private Equity firm with a value-adding thesis that invests in consumer brands, where I serve in a hybrid role across our investment team and operations. My passion is web3 and in my free time, I can be found onboarding friends and family into the space through NFTs. Crypto Chicks spoke to me as the first major investment I made in the category, and to this day, that CC is my pfp across channels.



Head Moderator

My educational background is in economics, math, statistics and post-graduate studies in finance. My career is in the financial industry, working for a large bank for over 9 years. My main interest in NFTs is the community aspect and/or being a part of projects to advance important societal causes.

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Head of Systems

I’m a digital nomad, currently enjoying Hawaiian life. My background is in investment management and IT. I first got into crypto in 2016 and discovered NFTs in early 2021. I quickly fell down the NFT rabbit hole after falling in love with the community aspect of the space. When I’m not studying defi and web3, I love getting outside, spending time in nature, and water sports.

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Partnerships Advisor

I was born and raised (and now is back living again!) in Italy. I have an MA in Contemporary Art and have spent my whole career at the intersection of tech and art. I had a successful career in NYC collaborating with MoMa, Christie’s, and the Andy Warhol Foundation. More recently, I'm a Design Executive at a global tech company and a creative advisor to venture capitalists. Most importantly, I'm a mom to a 3 years old boy ❤️

Mod Squad

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Advisory Board

Advising on long term strategy

Community Council

Supporting execution-oriented projects



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Double click into providing value for our community and holders

  • Showcase Women Artist Fund artists & conduct community giveaways

  • Re-open Time Machine Claim

  • Community vote on women artists for upcoming collaborations

  • Announce NFT NYC slate of events

  • Launch Design Collective, as portion of Women Labs

  • Finalize hiring and new CC Leadership Team

Expand pilots into formal programs & offerings

  • Launch limited edition & custom-made CC merch

  • Roll out LeadHER programs to support community learning, growth, and dev

  • Formalize IRL Ambassador Program to kick off global events

  • Establish affiliate and influencer program

  • Engage first Design Collective cohort

Expansion into Women Labs ecosystem

Time Machine generative collection and new 1/1s

Women Labs



Our Crypto Chicks ecosystem will be expanding to Women Labs - an organization designed to enable and empower women throughout our web3 journeys.

Whether you're a creative looking to test the web3 waters, a stay at home mom with a genius project idea, an experienced web3 explorer looking to give back, or a fashion designer wondering how web3 fashion works...

Check back later for more outfit change teasers on what to expect from our Women Labs expansion


What is the history of Crypto Chicks?

The first collection, now known as the "OG" collection, was created by Ms.Polly over the spring and summer of 2021.

The 10k Crypto Chicks collection was launched in September of 2021 as generative art pfps, and it has expanded into a vibrant community.

The OG Crypto.Chick collection has been absorbed by the community as a DAO, and the 10k Crypto Chicks collection has been purchased by the New Leadership Team. We will be working with the OG DAO to cultivate opportunities for OG holders to plug into the new ecosystem through new, unique 1/1s and additional value mechanisms.

How can I get involved in the Crypto Chicks community?

You can purchase a 10k Crypto Chick on OpenSea - But! You don’t need to be a CC holder to engage in our community. We have a ton of active community members who are in the process of starting their NFT journeys and have not yet purchased.

What's coming next for Crypto Chicks?

Our primary goal is to empower women in web3 and our first step in doing so is to invest in building a solid, revamped foundation for the CC ecosystem - establishing the foundation needed for exponential growth. Simultaneously, we're working on a number of community-centric business developments like using our time machines, supporting a new group of women artists, and expanding into the Women Labs ecosystem.

What is Women Labs?

Stay tuned to find out more! Since you read this far, we’ll give you a little treat:

It furthers our vision of empowering women in web3, and your Crypto Chick is the key to unlocking value in the new ecosystem