Women Labs

Web3 innovation has the potential to change lives for women creatives. By bringing more women visionaries into the forefront of web3, we have the opportunity to influence and shift entire industries. 

We're focused on building sustainable, scalable programs to empower women creatives across digital art, design, and beauty. Elevate their stories, teach important skills, and launch careers. 


And we're just getting started.

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Women Artist Fund

We leverage the Crypto Chicks community and funds to purchase pieces from emerging women artists in the space, uplift their stories, bring visibility to their work, and jumpstart their careers.

Design Collective

We are creating a launchpad for women designers, creatives, and small retail businesses to develop the skillsets necessary to thrive in the web3 ecosystem and up level their businesses.

Fashion Designer in Studio
Designers Looking at the Computer


We voted as a community to select multiple rising stars NFT artists to collaborate on our new collections. This innovative approach will create our generative Time Machine Potion and 1/1 collections.