Women Artist Fund

The most important aspect of our mission is uplifting women in the space. We have a fantastic platform to empower and support emerging women artists, both financially and in community awareness.

We dedicate a minimum 5 ETH each quarter to buy unique pieces from up and coming talent. We then showcase their art and stories within the community and through our public, media channels - along with raffling the pieces to community members.


Financial Support  -  Creative Visibility  -  Community Value 

Do you know (or are you) an emerging woman artist who we should consider for our upcoming fund buying season?

Each piece in our Crypto Chicks Artist Fund is raffled and given away to members of the community, rather than keeping the art in a project vault. Sharing the incredible talent and pieces from these women artists has been a bright light in our CC operations, brought value to our holders, increased visibility for women artists, and even helped to sell out some of the artists' collections.


Read a bit more about our Q1 women artists below.

Or listen to our weekly Chicks Chat where we feature artist stories!