We've captured some of the top FAQs about the project below! We keep a much more active FAQ channel in Discord for specific asks on current events + updates. Feel free to stop by and surface any questions to our moderator team.


The first collection, now known as the "OG" collection, was created by Ms.Polly over the spring and summer of 2021.​ The 10k Crypto Chicks collection was launched in September of 2021 as generative art pfps, and it has expanded into a vibrant community.

The OG Crypto.Chick collection has been absorbed by the community as a DAO, and the 10k Crypto Chicks collection has been purchased by the New Leadership Team. We will be working with the OG DAO to cultivate opportunities for OG holders to plug into the new ecosystem through new, unique 1/1s and additional value mechanisms.

Get Involved

You can purchase a 10k Crypto Chick on OpenSea - But! You don’t need to be a CC holder to engage in our community. We have a ton of active community members who are in the process of starting their NFT journeys and have not yet purchased. We even have a number of holders who have been given their forever CCs as giveaways through community engagement activities!


Our primary goal is to empower women in web3, and our first step in doing so is to invest in building a solid, revamped foundation for the CC ecosystem needed for exponential growth. Simultaneously, we're working on a number of community-centric business developments like using our time machines, supporting a new group of women artists, and expanding into the Women Labs ecosystem. Podcast, Design Collective, and Brand Consulting coming right up! Our new website covers allllll the details.

More questions

For everything and anything else, stop by our Discord or reach out on Twitter! We have a team of moderators well ramped up to answer those burning questions top of mind. Or you can just come say hi!