The Crypto Chicks community is the heart and soul of the project. From Discord friends turned irl besties, to metaverse parties and weekly discussions, our vibrant community dynamics pull people in.

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With tons of community events ongoing, we're streamlining our communications to ensure everyone can stay up to date! Head to the Community Announcements channel in Discord for recent developments!

IRL Ambassadors

CC goes bowling? Wine tasting? Pottery class? CC ambassadors around the world plan local meet ups and get-togethers for the community.

LeadHER / Chicks Chats

Weekly sessions alternating between dedicated topics led by women experts across industries and casual community conversation time.

CC Circles

Build your pocket of community within the community through a strong circle of CCs with aligned goals, identities, affinities

Marquee Events

Whether virtual or IRL, we have a steady stream of large, community-wide events to get to know each other and celebrate together.

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